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Serving Delight Healthy Korean Foods

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We would like to kindly inform you that we closed every Monday

You can still enjoy delicious & fresh menu every Tuesday to Sunday.

Generally, Koreans believe that our traditional food is very sophisticated and considered as a healthy food. The reason for this is that meat, seafood, or vegetables are cooked in balance with careful concentration given to temperature, seasoning, spiciness, and flavours with not much oil, based on fermented pastes and sauces, traditionally. Koreans believe that a good food is the best medicine to the human body and well-being. Hence, when we meet each other, our greeting is usually ‘Did you have a nice meal?’ So, cooking has to be done with all our heart and knowledge of cooking and ingredients.

QUINNI Korean Cuisine


QUINNI comes from a Korean word, ‘KKINNI’. This word means ‘a meal or have a nice meal.’ Actually, QUINNI is a compound word of “Quality” and “KKINNI,” meaning a good quality meal. We serve only the best ‘QU’ality of food every Meal(KKINNI) with all our heart, and only use fresh, high quality, and healthy ingredients. Moreover, our chefs are a ‘QU’alified cook. Their knowledge on how to cook our traditional and western food, and how to combine both of them are exceptional.

Contemporary Korean Food

Basically, we try to keep the texture, flavor, and even the cooking method of the traditional Korean food as well as trying to mix with western food and its cooking way to introduce our delicate, yet sophisticated and tasty modern contemporary Korean food.  Even if you have never tried Korean food before, QUINNI has a very special food which you might just enjoy. We just want to share all of this with Melbourne. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get acquainted with our dishes.

Locally Sourced & Organic Oriented

We welcome group bookings, seating up to 16 guests.